Variants in time

In the course of history, in human habitation, but also generally in all construction sites, the question of how to procure a walkable area, followed by more, was less frequent, and where mostly many ordinary activities were carried out. This was true both for private construction and public, including religious ones. After the period of dirt-beaten clay there was a long stage of stone paving, later varied by pavement from burnt clay segments. But the old Celts were building storey wooden buildings, where the ceilings of the lower room were at the same time a flat room on the higher floor.
Boards and Boards
The cool stone tiles were soon improved in the cooler countries with the cover of the specially laid plates, carefully covered on the upper side and leveled. It can be said that it was already the first floating floor. More primitive processing, in the vast majority without feathers and grooves, also with the creases between the individual plates.

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