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All You Need To Know Regarding Slip And Fall Accidents

Everyday many people report to emergency rooms after suffering injuries after a slip and fall accident at the office and even at home. Slip and fall accidents occur as a result of wet floors, uneven flooring, damaged stairways, poorly maintained sidewalks, unsafe construction areas, low lighting in busy areas and faulty handrails among other causes.

People who are familiar with these common causes of slip and fall accidents are in a better position to protect themselves from such accidents. The following critical facts about slip and fall accidents to help you and your family members in the event of injuries from such accidents.

Owners of business premises have the responsibility to keep the building safe. Many people who are victims of slip and fall accidents do not know the responsibility of keeping the walkway safe lies with the property owner.

If you are a property owner and you are found to have failed to remove accident hazards in the building, you will be fully held responsible for the accidents that occur in the property. Therefore if you slip, fall and get injured, it is advisable that you reach out to a relevant attorney to hold the property owner responsible for the subsequent pain and suffering.

The other important thing to know about slip and fall accidents is that it mostly affects senior citizens. This is because as people age, their bones are less flexible and more likely to break unlike those of young people. Breakage of hips and backs are common injuries that senior citizens sustain.

It is for this reason that senior citizens are advised to work extra hard to avoid areas where they are likely to be involved in slip and fall accidents. If you know you are likely to slip and fall because of age or other condition, it is your responsibility to take extra care to minimize the chances of slip and fall accidents since it could make you immobile and can deprive you of your independence and quality of life.

In the event you are injured after slipping and falling, do not share the details of the incident with anyone other than your lawyer. What happens in most cases is that the insurance company of the company you are accusing of negligence will reach out. While it might seem awkward to answer their questions, keep in mind that you are not in any legal way supposed to speak to them. No matter how careful you might be, there is a good chance you will say something that will hinder your progress and deny you the deserved compensation.

It is also crucial that you do all you can to preserve the slip and fall accident evidence including the clothes and shoes you had on that day.