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Is the 250w lamp in your current viewfinder? Do not know where to get this product, which will be of high quality and will be worth a good price? Don't waste your time searching and just choose in our eshop. We offer you world-renowned brands Philips and Osram in sodium high-pressure and metaphalide designs. It's up to you to choose. It is the ideal luminaire for outdoor use, which safely illuminates the streets and parks, serves to lightening around buildings for increased safety.
Product Benefits
And what are the greatest advantages of this product? Achieve maximum measuring power that guarantees the most efficient light source. Furthermore, this is clearly a very long service life. This is an incredible 20 000 hours. Good visibility even in case of dense fog is commonplace. Unlike the mercury type, they do not contain dangerous mercury. The application of this type is mainly in the exterior. Use it in public lighting or sports grounds lighting. Choose from our rich offer and bet on quality. If you need advice, use our shopping advisor.

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